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Experienced & Evolving.

D&H Marketing Group is a food broker – and so much more.
We help CPG and food manufacturers get their products on shelves, and support them through every step of the process, from product development to representing our vendors at events.

We Connect CPG Manufacturers & Retailers.

Over the years, we’ve worked with more than 400 vendors in the fresh, center store and general merchandising categories. We support their products in many of the best-known grocery retailers in the eastern United States.

Our Customer Interaction Centers provide a realistic retail experience.
Customer Interactive Center – Hickory, NC

Customer Interaction Center – Hickory, N.C.

Customer Interactive Center – Salisbury, NC

Customer Interaction Center – Salisbury, N.C.

Customer Interactive Center – Jacksonville, FL

Customer Interaction Center – Jacksonville, FL

We’re Regionally Focused & Comprehensive.

D&H Marketing Group’s sales and in-store teams support products across all major categories, in more than 4,000 retail locations and throughout 21 states.

We Support New & Established Manufacturers.

D&H Marketing Groups works with new and established CPG and food manufacturers. We assist clients wherever they are on their journey to retail – whether it’s to the shelf, on the shelf or beyond the shelf.